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Paper Impregnation Line

Single/Two Stage for Melamine & Phenolic Resins

Product Program


Web Width 130 | 160 | 190 | 210 cm
Paper Weight 30 to 400 gsm
Impregnation Paper Kraft Paper, Decor Paper, Tissue, Overlay & Barrier
Single Stage Melamine/Phenol Impregnation
Two Stage Urea Impregnation & Melamine Coating
Drying Tunnel Heating Thermic Fluid | Hot Water | Steam | Gas


  • Lift Table for Reel Loading
    • Hydraulic table with 3-axis adjustment for real loading. Easy & safe operation. Includes load cells for automatic weight measurement & recording.
  • Corundum (Alumina) Scattering Unit
    • Automatic system for scattering of corundum (Alumina) particles on the wet paper. Required for impregnating overlay paper for flooring applications.
  • Edge Trimming
    • Automatic trimming of the paper edges. Available for trimming of the edges before and after impregantion, i.e. at both the wet and dry end.
  • Registered Mark Cutting System
    • Camera & Servo based system for automatic cutting of the paper at the printed mark. System is required to cut impregnated paper used for synchronized / registered embossing.

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