Paper Impregnation Line

Paper Impregnation Line

Single/Two Stage for Melamine & Phenolic Resins

Product Program

Web Width 130 | 160 | 190 | 210 cm
Paper Weight 30 to 400 gsm
Impregnation Paper Kraft Paper, Decor Paper, Tissue, Overlay & Barrier
Single Stage Melamine/Phenol Impregnation
Two Stage Urea Impregnation & Melamine Coating
Drying Tunnel Heating Thermic Fluid | Hot Water | Steam | Gas


Lift Table for Reel Loading

Hydraulic table with 3-axis adjustment for real loading. Easy & safe operation. Includes load cells for automatic weight measurement & recording.

Corundum (Alumina) Scattering Unit

Automatic system for scattering of corundum (Alumina) particles on the wet paper. Required for impregnating overlay paper for flooring applications.

Edge Trimming

Automatic trimming of the paper edges. Available for trimming of the edges before and after impregantion at both wet and dry end.

Registered Mark Cutting System

Camera & Servo based system for automatic cutting of the paper at the printed mark. System is required to cut impregnated paper used for synchronized / registered embossing.

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