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Multi Opening Press Lines

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Product Program

Width : 122 to 210 cm
Length : 244 to 430 cm
No. of Openings : 14 to 28
Pressure : 20 to 130 kg/cm2
Heating System : Steam/Hot Water
Laminates per Opening : 1 to 20


  • Inline Plate Cleaning & Centering System
    • All the mould plates are cleaned & centered automatically before assembly. Improves final product quality & eliminates rejections due to dust particles.
  • Heating & Cooling System
    • Automatic heating and cooling control system for accurate temperature control & energy saving. Ensures uniform temperature & consistant quality of final product.
  • Press Plate Storage System
    • Multi-Level system for storage of expensive storage plates. Automatic operation integrated with press loading/unloading system.
  • SMART Features
    • Smart data recording, ,monitoring and reporting system. Effective for traceability, utility management, recipe management, cost of product & predictive maintainance
  • Multiple Sizes in Same Press
    • Same press can be used for multiple laminate sizes. The hydraulics and pressing mechenism is designed to ensure consistent quality accross the range of sizes.
  • Lab Press
    • Laboratory press for offline testing of the pressing parameters (time, pressure, temperature) using board, paper and press plate samples.

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