Multi Opening Press Lines

High Pressure Laminates | Compact | Film Faced Plywood | Industrial Laminates

Width : 122 to 210 cm
Length : 244 to 430 cm
No. of Openings : 14 to 28
Pressure : 20 to 130 kg/cm2
Heating System : Steam/Hot Water
Laminates per Opening : 1 to 20


Inline Plate Cleaning & Centering System

All the mould plates are cleaned & centered automatically before assembly. Improves final product quality & eliminates rejections due to dust particles.

Heating & Cooling System

Automatic heating and cooling control system for accurate temperature control & energy saving. Ensures uniform temperature & consistant quality of final product.

Press Plate Storage System

Multi-Level system for storage of expensive storage plates. Automatic operation integrated with press loading/unloading system.

Smart Features

Smart data recording, monitoring and reporting system. Effective for traceability, utility management, receipt management, cost of product & predictive maintenance

Multiple Sizes in Same Press

Same press can be used for multiple laminate sizes. The hydraulics and pressing mechanism designed to ensure consistent quality accross the range of sizes.

Lab Press

Laboratory press for offline testing of the pressing parameters (time, pressure, temperature) using board, paper and press plate samples.

Component Makes