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Company Overview

Master Handlers has been contributing since 1982, in engineering, innovation & quality development over the years. We have an uphill history of 35 years of excellence and constantly innovated lines. We have an adept experienced team of engineers, technocrats & technical marketing professionals.

We are grateful for the support and patronage of our customers over the decades that had continuously inspired us to unveil the difficult every now and then. Master Handlers tries to achieve success for its customers through its machines and services.

For Customers Master Handlers is always Affordable Flexible Modular Innovative Accessible.

We have developed our marks into globally markets too & through our international networks we are getting closer to our customers effectively. Our Technology & Quality is resonating worldwide now. Needless to mention that the success stories we have created today is the result of our extremely proficient & experienced team.

We will continue on the path of strengthening our global presence & services. The aim is to make Master Handlers a brand, always should be known for the quality, performance & services offered to its customers.

Our Customers

Master Handlers works with customers and partners around the world to deliver customized solutions for their business needs. Our clients include leading manufacturers in the laminate, plywood, furniture & wood panel industry. 

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Be a truely global company worldwide for quality, performance and services to its customers.


To offer the best solutions and services with focus on innovation, quality performance and value for our customers in the laminate, wooden panel and furniture industries.


35+Years of Industry Experience

25,000sq. m. production facilities

125+ Employees

75 Engineering and technical personnel

20 Terminals of 3-D for design and analysis

DEDICATED Team with senior department managers

Automation and controls team

Diagnostic and support via internet

Industries Served


White Goods

General Engineering

Farm & Agri Equipement


Paint Shop

Warehouse & Logistics

Steel & Aluminium

Railway & Metro

Construction Equipment

Food & Pharma


History & Milestones

  • 1982 Company founded
  • 1984 Enter Lumination machinery business
  • 1991 Autovue Electronics founded
  • 1994 First complete HPL press line master automation and robotics founded
  • 1996 First paper impregnation line
  • 1998 First short cycle lamination line
  • 2000 Export of first SCL press line to egypt
  • 2004 4500 sq. m production facilitiy setup
  • 2005 Next generation impregnation line launched
  • 2008 15000 sq. m production facility added
  • 2011 4000 sq. m new production facility added
  • 2015 100+ mpm impregnation line
  • 2016 Service office in chandigrah new models launched
  • 2017 Expanded international network