Company Overview

Master Handlers has been contributing since 1982, in engineering, innovation & quality development over the years. We have an uphill history of 35 years of excellence and constantly innovated lines. We have an adept experienced team of engineers, technocrats & technical marketing professionals.

We are grateful for the support and patronage of our customers over the decades that had continuously inspired us to unveil the difficult every now and then. Master Handlers tries to achieve success for its customers through its machines and services.


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Products & Applications

Multi Opening Press Lines

Short Cycle Lamination Line

Paper Impregnation Line

Flat Lamination Press

Automated Storage and Retrieval System



“We have been using Master Handlers Machinery since 2009, and I have to say that it has transformed the way we do our Production.”


“Real time solutions provided about their products in critical situations helped us work in ease and in smoother manner. Will always amaze you with customer service & have definitely have automation engineering the way you want it to be. If you want to run an automation production line business, you really need to start using their machineries.”


“It really helped us grow. We can rely on this system so if I need to look up for some expansion in future will certainly call them up first. There’s no way we could have entered into this new venture for us and gotten so much on our way. If you may have any questions they will go over that and explain to you how to do that.”


“We have a very pleasant experience of using SCL Press Line from ”Master Handlers Pvt. Ltd”. Not only the machines are delivered on time but also meet the stringent specifications. SCL for the complete supplies are performing well and we started recommending Master Handlers to all our prestigious customers. I have no doubt that the Company is going to achieve even further heights and its products would find global applications.



25,000sq. m. production facilities


25,000sq. m. production facilities


125+ Employees


75 Engineering and technical personnel


20 Terminals of 3-D for design and analysis


DEDICATED Team with senior department managers


Automation and controls team


Diagnostic and support via internet


Our Customers

Master Handlers works with customers and partners around the world to deliver customized solutions for their business needs. Our clients include leading manufacturers in the laminate, plywood, furniture & wood panel industry.