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Paper Impregnation Line

The Paper Impregnation Line is used for impregnating paper with Melamine, Phenol or Urea Melamine resins. Phenol Impregnation for Kraft paper used in HPL and CPL application. Single stage Melamine Impregnation for décor paper used in HPL, CPL & LPL applications and two stages Impregnation (Urea Impregnation and Melamine coating) for décor paper used in LPL application. Such impregnated papers are used for making laminates or in pre-lamination of particle boards, MDF and HDF.

Types of paper used for impregnation are Design/Printed/Uni-color printed, Unbleached Kraft, Tissue and Barrier.
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Short Cycle Lamination Line

The Short Cycle Lamination (SCL) Line is used to produce pre laminated boards (LPL – Low Pressure Laminates or MFC – Melamine Faced Chipboards). The total line consists of the machines used from board feeding to laminating to board inspection, sorting and stacking. A common application of the lamination of melamine treated papers on to particle boards, MDF boards and HDF boards is to make modular furniture for home and office.

When the lamination is done on the HDF the board can also be used for flooring application also.
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High Pressure Lamination Press Line

The High Pressure Lamination multi opening presses are used to manufacture Decorative & Post Form laminate for office or home furniture, Compact for partitions, Compreg for pallet making, Copper Clading to manufacture PCB’s, Industrial insulation or Press boards for transformer manufacturing, Composites & UHMWPE for many industrial applications etc.

The total press line consists of the main press and an efficient merry go round handling system.
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Gravure Coater

Coaters are used for applying resin/special material coat on impregnated paper. These are known as 2-stage impregnation. Broadly used for

1. To reduce cost by impregnation of urea and coat of melamine

2. Apply special coating for applications like scratch resistance, exterior grade, etc.

The technology is commonly used allover the world; Indian manufacturers of pre-lam are not taking benefit of this on account of investment. Some people have made arrangement for low speed with infrared drying as 1st stage and dip coating, 2nd stage.

Door Press

Master Handlers (MH) successfully developed and supplied a special hydraulic press for manufacturing door / partition. MH is pioneer of many such R&D products since its inception. It is observed that every new product development happened because of customer needs and continuous support over these years. The basic advantage of MH is that they can full-fill complete end-to-end automation in door manufacturing process viz. raw material handling, door assembly forming, gluing, pre-pressing, loading and unloading, stacking, etc.

The door press has many applications viz. flush door, foil/ laminate pressing, veneer pressing, partitions, etc.

Lab Press

Master Handlers manufacture special laboratory equipment like laboratory press. These equipment help in ensuring correct input quantity as well as setting of parameters for the press line. The Lab Press is a plug and play equipment and are totally tested at our factory.
This will help in defining all the parameters like pressing time, temperature etc. for the main pressing line. will avoid costly rejections, which might happen due to small variations in resin formulations.
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