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Director's Message

Master Handlers stands for engineering, innovation and quality. The company has a rich history of more than 35 years. Change is the only constant at Master Handlers. We are constantly innovating and developing our lines. I am very proud of the engineering developments over the years and service to our customers.

We are thankful for the support and patronage of our customers over the years. They continue to inspire and challenge us. Master Handlers tries to achieve success for its customers through its machines and services. For the customers, Master Handlers is to be Affordable | Flexible | Modular | Innovative | Accessible.

Our business today is truly global. Through our international network we are getting closer to our customers. Our technology and quality is resonating very well worldwide. We will continue on the path of strengthening our global presence and service. The aim is to make Master Handlers a global brand, known worldwide for the quality, performance and service offered to its customers. Types of paper used for impregnation are Design / Printed / Uni - color printed, Unbleached Kraft, Tissue and Barrier.

Vision & Mission



years of industry experience


sq. m. production facilities




engineering and technical personnel


terminals of 3-D for design and analysis


team with senior department managers


automation and controls team


diagnostic and support via internet

History & Milestones

Our Customers

Master Handlers works with customers and partners around the world to deliver customized solutions for their business needs. Our clients include leading manufacturers in the laminate, plywood, furniture & wood panel industry. 

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