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Gravure Coater

Product Program

Gravure Coater For:  1. Pre-laminated Board
2. Exterior Grade Laminate
3. Scratch Resistant Laminate
Function: To provide top & bottom coating of Melamine Resin as second stage
Scope of Supply:

* Mini Air Cooling Station

* Entry Web Aligner

* Coating Zone

Top coating Roll: Up to 30 gsm
Bottom coating Roll: Up to 18 gsm
Type of Rolls: Chrome Plated OR Ceramic


  • Independent & precise coating control for top & bottom
  • Installed to coat 24 to 30 gsm on top & 15 to 18 gsm bottom
  • Reciprocating scrappers for uniform distribution
  • Hydraulic lift of complete top frame for bypassing the coater and passing threading bar
  • All six drives with VFD (coating rolls, top & bottom smoothening & distribution)
  • Web control at entry may be installed
  • Pneumatically operated smoothing rolls & distribution bar


  • Reduce resin cost without impact on quality
  • Special grade products
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